Winter Graduation

Congratulations to the October cohort of makers! They graduated and presented on their final projects last Friday. Some teams had decided to run with ideas pitched at them by charities. There was Oodles, a service for connecting people with surplus food to charities that need surplus food to distribute, and Lookup, an app that allows you to assess roofs for potential yield of solar energy.

Lightbox is a secure messaging service for doctors to communicate patient data and discuss. Lastly, Hipspot uses twitter location data as a proxy for the popularity of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc.

Given the December cohort and I will be starting our final projects in a couple of weeks, it was a very inspirational, albeit a little intimidating, performance.

I caught some conversation from the many scrum-meetings that went into developing these projects and was impressed by all groups attention to process. Good process, so I have learned, is about writing clear user-stories, getting thorough test coverage, and adhering to best practices in naming and style conventions. This may sound boring compared to slapping together a feature-rich app. My hunch is there’s art and discipline in good process and if you do it right it makes the whole thing much more fun. We’ll see.

Look what came to the party!

Winter Graduation

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